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UWP 18 midterm F10 - UWP 18 01 Fall 2010 Midterm In-class...

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Unformatted text preview: UWP 18 # 01 Fall 2010 Midterm In-class Essay In his introduction to The Best American Essays 2008 , Adam Gopnik writes that different types of essays share a characteristic “double focus”: They have text and inner text, personal story and the larger point, the thing you’re supposed to be paying attention to and some other thing you’re really interested in—the Leica in the amateur photographer’s hand points at a lady, and the lens focal length is placed in counterpoint with the visions of love in his mind. So the essay, in partial definition, is simply that: a shortish prose form, in which the apparent object of the piece is different from its real subject, and the writer thinks he knows what the difference is. The three things together—small object, big object, and knowing author—are about equally important to its effect. We have read three essays that focus on hair as the small subject and identity as the larger subject. Please analyze Natalie Yahr’s “On Hair or Cutting the Safety Cords,” consider her purpose(s), and write an...
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