Money Train Week 6 - Scenario 1 In 150 to 200 words,...

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Scenario 1 In 150 to 200 words, explain your reasoning for the way you are planning on using Reserve Requirements. Be sure to address the following: 1. How Reserve Requirements affect the economy 2. How your action will affect economic growth 3. Why it is important to increase economic growth 4. Your rationale for the use of Reserve Requirements At the end of the game, you will be provided with this information to give to your instructor. Answer: Type your response here. ..In choosing Reserve Requirements as appropriate action to increase economic growth, the current state or standard of living of consumers has to be examined and statistics should point to a need for increases in economic growth. The Federal Reserve and its role in the attempts to increase economic growth should lower reserve requirements. This will allow for banks to have more money and the increased money supply will cause a fall of interest rates. When interest rates are decreased, the public; consumers and investors, will have more opportunities and desire to borrow money from banks and therefore be more active in investing and consumption of goods and services. Lower interest rates make borrowing less expensive and with the growth in consumer and investor activity, the growth in economic growth will cause an increase ini aggregate demand. All these factors and actions are vital to
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Money Train Week 6 - Scenario 1 In 150 to 200 words,...

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