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Bring Back Flogging response - Moskovitz, Tyler RWS 200 MWF...

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Moskovitz, Tyler RWS 200 MWF 1:00 February 16, 2008 Bring Back Flogging In Jeff Jacoby’s essay, Bring Back Flogging, he discusses the modern day justice system, and the ways in which he believes it should change. Jacoby’s stance on the topic is that United States of America should bring back flogging as an alternate to jailing felons. Jacoby never actually states this view in a thesis, but it is implied through the evidence given and the general attitude of the essay. Jacoby begins the essay with an anecdote from the 17 th century. Jacoby says that Bostonian Puritans would often use flogging as a form of punishment for various different crimes as oppose to other forms of punishment. He also notes that the Puritans would do other things such as branding with hot irons so that the felon is known. This anecdote is used well to show the reader floggings historical significance. By showing that it has been used in history, Jacoby introduces acceptance of flogging on the reader. He then quickly notes that flogging was not entirely banned with the fact that Delaware didn’t ban flogging until 1972. This fact continues to show the acceptance of flogging in recent history. Jacoby’s next piece of evidence comes in the form of a statistic in the third paragraph. It is stated that about 1.6 million Americans are currently in jail. He also says that this number is a 250 percent increase since 1980. This piece has two very important parts the first (1.6 million Americans behind bars) is said to give perspective of the amount of people in jail today. By
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Bring Back Flogging response - Moskovitz, Tyler RWS 200 MWF...

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