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Upon viewing and analyzing the news clip Giuliani Remembers 9/11”, in which Rudy Giuliani is interviewed by Larry King. The Larry King show is a live call-in talk show that is created for the public and for a profit. CNN or a related executive producer, perhaps Larry King himself, produces the show and absorbs the cost of production. The show may profit from advertisers but the show itself is funded by the studio that produces it. In the interview I cannot detect a slant. Larry King is however trying to convey Mr. Giuliani’s thoughts on the subject of September 11th. Although there are political ties to the interview, I do not believe there to be a slant in the questioning or responses given. I chose the Progressive insurance commercials as my video ad example. Because the commercial is an advertisement for Progressive Insurance, I believe the ad to be paid for and funded by Progressive Insurance. The ad definitely uses a slant in the presentation, trying to influence the viewer to choose Progressive Insurance. The secondary opinion being conveyed is
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