comm app b - Agenda setting theory that argues that media...

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Axia College Material Appendix B Theories of Mass Communication Complete the table by briefly defining each theory of mass communication, describing the kind of information that best reflects each theory, and providing an example of that kind of information. Theory Definition Kind of Information Example Direct effects The theory that mass media or mass communication have a pronounced or direct effect on the decisions made by consumers. Telervision and radio. Print advertising Full page ads or infomercials. Also many other types of media input. Two-step flow the idea that medias influence on peoples behavior is limited by opinion leaders, people who initially consume media content, interpret it in light of their own values and beliefs, and then pass it on to opinion followers†who have less frequent contact with media Commercials or product endorsements Television, radio and internet Commercials with sports figures endorsing a variety of products
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Unformatted text preview: Agenda setting theory that argues that media may not tell us what to think but that media tell us what to think about Information pointing out the good points and sometimes leaving out the negative points of advertising or news. Political ads and newscasts displaying violence. Cultivation CMC 230 idea that television cultivates or constructs a reality of the world that, although possibly inaccurate, becomes the accepted reality simply because we as a culture believe it to be the reality Television Advertising and News and Editorial Papers Commentary or opinion based reports of real world situations and current social reality situations. Uses and gratifications the idea that media don't do things to people; people do things with media Media and the internet Music and television programming Songs and choices of t.v shows and movies to watch. CMC 230...
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comm app b - Agenda setting theory that argues that media...

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