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My business proposal for Digifast would be an all inclusive health club. The health club would be complete, offering fitness and wellness programs, spa treatments, massage, body health and beauty treatments, a full service healthy gourmet restaurant and optional child care for members. The mission of the business would be to create an enjoyable work or leisure environment for all the employees in the building. Providing a service that will not only attract staff members of Digifast, but will also attract other members from the other tenants in the building. Once established the health club could also be used as an asset to attract new tenants for Riverview Plaza. The are many benefits of having a health club in the building where a person is employed. Productivity will increase because members will be exposed to a “live healthy lifestyle.” In today’s fast paced world, providing a health club (gym), healthy meals, and child care for
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Unformatted text preview: an employee is a great benefit for an employer or office owner. Employees have the ability to better their lives and be pampered, all while the kids are being cared for in the daycare across the hall. Employees will show up early and stay later on the premises to take advantage of the convenience of these amenities. The services provided are something most of us would have to drive all over town to take care of. Having them all in one building benefits everyone involved. The club would be available to the public with interested employees at Riverview Plaza receiving a discount for membership. Morale throughout the complex would be greatly increased with such services being available. By keeping the thousands of dollars of revenue these services will generate, “in house”, rather than at other facilities, will also be a huge factor in making employees, supervisors, and company leaders all happier....
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