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ABCs_homework - response4 = 0 I should use the workspace...

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% Answer the following statements by setting the variables immediately % following the questions to 1 (yes/true) or 0 (no/false). % EXAMPLE. CS 1371 is a course taught at Georgia Tech. example = 1; % Please read the CS 1371 HW Guide. Failure to follow the guidelines set % forth in the guide will result in a loss of points on your assignment and % a forfeiture of your right to request a regrade. % I have read the CS 1371 HW Guide and I understand the guidelines for % completing and submitting assignments. response1 = 1; % When I am doing a homework problem, I should follow the directions % carefully and always make sure that I am correctly naming variables, % files, and functions. Also, case and spelling is important when naming % variables, files, and functions. response2 = 1; % It is OK if my code has errors in it. response3 = 0; % Testing my code won't help me complete the assignment.
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Unformatted text preview: response4 = 0; % I should use the workspace window, not the command window, to ensure that % my variables have the correct values. response5 = 1; % After I submit my assignment I will receive a confirmation e-mail. response6 = 1; % If I have a bad homework grade, I should automatically e-mail the HW STA % and ask him or her to change it. response7 = 0; % After a homework assignment is graded I have 1 week to appeal my grade to % my TA. If they do not respond I have an additional week to contact the % homework STA or the professor, response8 = 1; % If T-square crashes, I should e-mail my code to my TA. response9 = 0; % If I run into a problem while submitting a homework assignment during the % grace period, it is still my responsibility to submit my homework to % T-square in a timely manner. response10 = 1;...
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