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prob1 - a What is the parallel component of the force on...

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%========================================================================== % PROBLEM 1 - Simple Physics %-------------------------------------------------------------------------- % % Script Name: prob1 % Script Variables: % 1. parallel_force (double) - The parallel component of the force % applied to the rope. % 2. WorkOnSled (double) - the work done on the sled by pulling on % the rope. % % Problem Statement: % Write a script named "prob1" that will calculate the parallel component % of the force applied to a hand sled and the work done on the sled. The % sled is being pulled by a rope that forms a 35 degree angle with the % ground. The force applied to the rope is 45 N. The sled is pulled a % horizontal distance of 20 m. % [Refer to the following website if you're stuck: % http://www.physics247.com/physics-homework-help/work-power.php] % % The script should compute the following:
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Unformatted text preview: % a. What is the parallel component of the force on the sled? Store this % value in a variable called "parallel_force". % b. Use "parallel_force" to calculate the work done on the sled. Store % this value in the variable "WorkOnSled". % % Note: the MATLAB functions sin() and cos() take angles in radians. You % will need to convert the given angle to radians before using it in the % sin() or cos() function. % angle_ground_radians=7.*pi./36; %converted the given 35 degree angle to radians by multiplying 35 by pi/180 force_string_N=45; parallel_force=force_string_N.*cos(angle_ground_radians) %the parallel force is the horizontal part of the right triangle made by the rope distance_m=20; WorkOnSled=parallel_force.*distance_m %do not have to incorporate cos because the parallel force is used, making the angle 0 degrees, cos(0)=1...
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