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calcGas - %driven and the price of one gallon of

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function total_cost_of_gas=calcGas(distance_in_miles,miles_per_gallon_of_vehicle,price_of_ga llon_of_gas) %function to compute the amount of money a person will spend on gas given %the distance traveled in miles, the miles per gallon of the vehicle being
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Unformatted text preview: %driven, and the price of one gallon of gas. %usage: [total_cost_of_gas]=calcGas(distance_in_miles,miles_per_gallon_of_ve %hicle,price_of_gallon_of_gas) total_cost_of_gas=(distance_in_miles./miles_per_gallon_of_vehicle).*price_of_gallon _of_gas;...
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