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test_script - I can check this by checking the workspace...

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% Test Script % % Since you can't run your functions by pressing F5 (they need input), you % are encouraged to write a test script to help you test your functions. % You can simply open this script and press F5, and all of your code will % be tested at once. After running this script the variables defined % within will appear in the workspace window just like they did for % homework 1. For this homework assignment we'll get you started with an % example. % % If I want to test the included myMult function... %y = myMult(9,2); % y should equal 18 after I run this script.
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Unformatted text preview: I can check % this by checking the workspace window after pressing F5. % You should fill out this test script with test cases from your other % functions. Use the included test cases, and write your own too. % % Problem 1. (I wrote two tests for you; uncomment them and use them.) [gallons1]=paintHouse(30,50,10,8,2,3) [gallons2]=paintHouse(6,12,10,1,5,2) % Problem 2. [d c a]=circleInfo(4) [a b c]=circleInfo(1) [ % Problem 3. [seconds energy]=freeFall(1,32) % Problem 4. [price1]=calcGas(64,27,2.65) [price2]=calcGas(64,50,2.65)...
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