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function [number_of_numbers_in_range vector_of_numbers_in_range]=eval_vec(vector,minimum_considered,maximum_considered) %function to return how many numbers are between and including the given %maximum and minimum %usage: [number_of_numbers_in_range %vector_of_numbers_in_range]=eval_vec(vector,minimum_considered,maximum_considered) between=vector>=minimum_considered&vector %gives numbers in between the maximum and minimum values number_of_numbers_in_range=length(vector(between));
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Unformatted text preview: %gives the number of numbers in between the maximum and the minimum vector(vector<minimum_considered)=minimum_considered; %changes all of the numbers less than the minimum to the minimum vector(vector>maximum_considered)=maximum_considered; %changes all of the numbers greater than the maximum to the maximum vector_of_numbers_in_range=vector; %makes the new vector equal to the modified original vector %...
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