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rotCeva - %this will place the vector in increasing order...

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function vector_same_forwards_backwards=rotCeva(vector) %function to take all numbers smaller than 100 and sort them, place 100 in %the middle of the two mirrored halves %usage: vector_same_forwards_backwards=rotCeva(vector) vector1=vector(vector<100); %finds the vector of all of the elements of the given vector that were less %than 100 increase=sort(vector1);
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Unformatted text preview: %this will place the vector in increasing order decrease=fliplr(increase); %this will place the increase variable in decreasing order vector_same_forwards_backwards=[increase,100,decrease]; %the vector will begin with the increase vector, then in the middle will be %the value 100, and then end with the decrease vector...
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