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function array_with_all=gradeAverages(array_grades) %function to find the average of each row, each column, and the entire %array, and place the row averages at the far-right and the column averages %at the bottom and the total average in the bottom-right corner %usage: array_with_all=gradeAverages(array_grades) avg_col=mean(array_grades(:,:)); %finds the average of the columns avg_row=mean(array_grades(:,:)')'; %finds the average of the rows avg_array=mean(mean(array_grades)); %finds the average of the entire array; take the mean(mean in order to get %the mean of the mean of the columns
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Unformatted text preview: array_with_all=[array_grades avg_row; [avg_col avg_array]]; %places the row averages at the end of the columns %places the column averages at the end of the rows %places the array average at the bottom corner of the new array %you have to add the column of row averages first, because the columns will %need to be concatenated before the rows, because they have the same number %of rows as the original array; vertically concatenate the row of column averages concatenated %with the total average in order to keep the dimensions in the form of a %rectangle...
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