rotateVec - shifted_vec=[row_vec(end(shifts-1:end...

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function shifted_vec=rotateVec(row_vec,number_shifts) %function to barrel shift on the vector by that number %usage: shifted_vec=rotateVec(row_vec,number_shifts) shifts = mod(number_shifts,length(row_vec)); %finds the number of shifts actually performed on the vector; after the %vector shifts its length, then the pattern will simply repeat itself
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Unformatted text preview: shifted_vec=[row_vec(end-(shifts-1):end); row_vec(1:end-shifts)]; %shifts the vector shift times; we have to do end - (shift - 1) because %this will give us our starting position (just hard code examples and see %the pattern that occurs when you start indexing your answers relative to %your original array...
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