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snake - %repeating the pattern until the end will be...

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function shifted=snake(input_array,number_shift) %function to shift the inputted array a number of places specified by %the input integer and return the resulting array; %the shifting will go down the first column, then up the second column and %so on; the last number in the array shifts by moving to the first place %in the array; shifting may go backwards if the second input is negative %usage: shifted=snake(input_array,number_shift) [r c]=size(input_array); %finds the number of rows and columns; this will be useful when we have to %reshape our array flip=reverseCols(input_array); %flips the even columns in the input_array; this will flip the even columns %so that the positions needed to shift the numbers in the form of a snake %(going from top to bottom of column 1, bottom to top of column 2, and
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Unformatted text preview: %repeating the pattern until the end) will be correct col=flip(:); %will make the flip array a vertical column; this will make our changed %array a vertical column in order to perform the barrel shift function to %shift our array the desired number of times new=rotateVec(col,number_shift); %will barrel role the col array number_shift times shifted=reshape(new,r,c); %will linearize the shifted array; this will recreate our original array %with the shifted positions shifted=reverseCols(shifted); %will flip the even columns again; reshaping the array will make the even %columns unflipped again so we have to flip them again to get the desired %result...
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