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function char_vec = fauxLeet(str1) %function to recreate leet speak where % l -> 1 % e -> 3 % o -> 0 % t -> 7 % s -> 5 % a -> @ % k -> x %and all of the rest of the letters are lowercase %usage: char_vec = fauxLeet(str1) str1(str1==char('l'))=char('1'); str1(str1==char('e'))=char('3'); str1(str1==char('o'))=char('0'); str1(str1==char('t'))=char('7'); str1(str1==char('s'))=char('5'); str1(str1==char('a'))=char('@'); str1(str1==char('k'))=char('x'); %the lines of code above will replace the corresponding characters found in
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Unformatted text preview: %str1 and replace them with the characters according to the leet speak; we %must index which characters we wish to replace and then set them equal to %the desired characters x = str1>='A' & str1<='Z'; %finds all of the capital letters in str1 in order to select only those %letters to be made lowercase % caps = x + 'a' - 'A'; %this will take the capital letters from str1 and add 32 (which is the %distance between the lowercase and uppercase letters on the ACSII table...
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