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%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % Name : <Michael Butler> % GT Email : <[email protected]> % Homework : hw05 % Course : CS1371 % Instructor : Marsicano, Smith % Lecture Time : MWF <2:35> % TA's Name : <Emilio Salazar> % Section : <C03> % Collaboration: <"I worked on the homework assignment alone, using % only course materials."> % % % % Files provided with this homework: % - hw05.m % - ABCs_strings.m % - ABCs_hw5_pretest.p % % Files to submit: % - hw05.m % - ABCs_strings.m % - fauxLeet.m % - classifyStrings.m % - isPalindrome.m % - safeIndex.m % - titleCase.m % - showDate.m % % Instructions: % 1) Follow the directions for each problem very carefully or you will % lose points. % 2) Make sure you name functions exactly as described in the problems or % you will not receive credit. % 3) Read the announcements! Any clarifications and/or updates will be % announced on T-Square. Check the T-Square announcements at least once % a day. % 4) You should not use any of the following functions in any file that % you submit to T-Square: % a) clear % b) clc % c) solve % d) input % e) disp % f) close all % %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %========================================================================== % COMMENTING %-------------------------------------------------------------------------- % % Whenever you program, it is always a good idea to comment your code. % Commenting helps you keep track of what you are attempting to code, and % it helps others in understanding why you wrote various lines of code. % Since the AutoGrader does not give partial credit for attempting a % problem, we have added a commenting system to give some incentive to at % least attempt each problem. From now on, when you write a solution to a
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% problem, you should comment your code and explain what you were % attempting to code. Some good places to comment would be sections of your % code that directly relate with your algorithm. However, don't comment % every line of code. Instead comment the lines of code that are either % difficult to understand or are important to solving the problem. % % Commenting will purely be for extra-credit purposes, so if you don't want % to comment your code, you don't have to. Your Section TA will grade the % comments from each Homework and will keep track of your commenting points % throughout the semester. Commenting points will not change the score you % receive on a homework assignment, but they will be factored into your % homework average at the end of the semester. % % Finally, if you come to help desk, you are expected to have your code % commented. If a TA sees that your code is not commented, he or she will % move on to another student until you comment your code. %========================================================================== % PART 1.
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hw05 - Name GT Email...

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