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function logical = isPalindrome(str) %function to check and see the string is a palindrome, if the string is, %then true will be displayed, if not, then false will be displayed; a %palindrom is a word or phrase that is written the same forwards and %backwards; palindromes are not case sensitive %usage: logical = isPalindrome(str) x = find(str==' '); str(x) = []; %finds and removes all of the spaces in the string, because palindromes.
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Unformatted text preview: .. %do not take spaces into account str = lower(str); str = str(str>='a' & str<='z'); forward = str; %sets the forward expression equal to the string minus the spaces backward = str(end:-1:1); %sets the backward expression equal to the string reversed minus the %spaces logical = strcmpi(forward,backward); %determines whether the forward string is equal to the backwards string end...
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