csvLoad - %usage: st = csvLoad(ch,cell) data = csvread(ch);...

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function st = csvLoad(ch,cell) % Given the filename of a csv file, write a function csvLoad that will % read in data from a csv file and store it in a structure array. Each % line from the csv file will be a structure in the structure array. % Each column of numbers will be a field in the structure array. The % name of each field will be determined by the second input, which will % be a cell array of column headers to be used as field names. You can % assume the headers will be valid field names.
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Unformatted text preview: %usage: st = csvLoad(ch,cell) data = csvread(ch); %reads in the data from the csv file [r c] = size(data); %determines the rows and columns of the data obtained st = ; %creates an empty vector to place values into for x = 1:r %runs the number of desired structures for y = 1:c %runs the desired number of fields st(x).(cell{y}) = data(x,y); %indexes the x structure with the y cell index and sets it equal to %the corresponding data end end end...
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