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dlmCalc - %usage dlmCalc(fn data = csvread(fn%reads in the...

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function dlmCalc(fn) % Given a comma-seperated file containing an Mx2 array of doubles, write a % function dlmCalc that adds a third column to the original array. The third % column should be the product of first and second columns. Then, write the % new array to a tab-seperated file. The new filename should be the % original filename with the suffix '_edited.txt'.
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Unformatted text preview: %usage: dlmCalc(fn) data = csvread(fn); %reads in the data from the csv file col = prod(data')'; %creates a column vector of the product of the columns data = [data col]; %concatenates the original data array with the newly created column vector dlmwrite([fn(1:end-4) '_edited.txt'],data,'\t'); %creates the new filename...
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