findInStruct - which the value was found If no structure is...

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function [outstr index] = findInStruct(str,field,value) % Usage: [outstr index] = findInStruct(str,field,value) % % findInStruct takes in a structure array, a fieldname as a string, and a % value to look for in that fieldname in the structure array. findInStruct % will return the first structure containing that value and the index at
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Unformatted text preview: % which the value was found. If no structure is found, an empty structure % and index of 0 will be returned. % for i = 1:length(str) foundat(i) = isequal(str(i).(field),value); end outstr = str(foundat); index = find(foundat); if isempty(index) index = 0; end...
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