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Crest Product Essay - Moskovitz Tyler RWS 200 MWF 1:00...

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Moskovitz, Tyler RWS 200 MWF 1:00 March 19, 2008 Crest White Products Crest’s advertisement is meant to try to sell three products together as a set. They are working to sell Crest Extra White Plus Scope Toothpaste, Scope White Mouthwash, and Crest Glide Whitening Plus Scope Floss. The three items are sold separately in stores, but Crest is trying to make it seem like in order for one to work you need the other two items. Crest’s attempts to sell dependency are weak, because one of the items alone will still work as well as when the items when used with one another The Scope set, when together, are supposed to make your smile not only fresh, but now also white. A white smile is usually desired by people, because the mouth is a highly visible area of the body, and having it visibly clean is seen as attractive. The white smile is being sold as a want as oppose to a need in this advertisement. This approach is visible due to the word can. “Can” gives the viewer the option of having a whiter smile or keeping their non-white smile. All- together, Crest is trying to impose a white smile upon the viewer. The punctum of the advertisement is the mouth slightly above the center. The mouth
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Crest Product Essay - Moskovitz Tyler RWS 200 MWF 1:00...

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