ABCs_plotting - 'Labels the Z axis bank{12'Plots x and y...

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function [A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P] = ABCs_plotting % Match up the definitions to the function names. Refer to your book if % necessary. bank = { 'Reduces axes to their smallest possible size'; % bank{1} 'Plots x, y, and z data'; % bank{2} 'Puts a grid on the plot'; % bank{3} 'Plots using red circles at data points'; % bank{4} 'Puts several plots in the same figure'; % bank{5} 'Takes a cell array of strings and creates a legend box'; % bank{6} 'Plots using a green dashed line'; % bank{7} 'Sets the viewing angle'; % bank{8} 'Allows additional plot commands to add to the existing plot'; % bank{9} 'Labels the Y axis'; % bank{10} 'Sets the x and y scales to be the same'; % bank{11}
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Unformatted text preview: 'Labels the Z axis'; % bank{12} 'Plots x and y data using default blue line'; % bank{13} 'Labels the X axis'; % bank{14} 'Makes the plot figure of equal width and height'; % bank{15} 'Gives the plot a title'; % bank{16} }; % axis tight A = bank{1}; % axis equal B = bank{11}; % axis square C = bank{15}; % grid on D = bank{3}; % hold on E = bank{9}; % legend F = bank{6}; % title G = bank{16}; % view H = bank{8}; % xlabel I = bank{14}; % ylabel J = bank{10}; % zlabel K = bank{12}; % plot L = bank{13}; % plot3 M = bank{2}; % subplot N = bank{5}; % plot(x,y,'g--'); O = bank{7}; % plot(x,y,'ro'); P = bank{4};...
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ABCs_plotting - 'Labels the Z axis bank{12'Plots x and y...

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