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function output = ABCs_rotation(u,v,theta) f % For this ABC assignment, you will write a function ABCs_rotation which % will take in u and v data as well as theta. theta is an angle or vector % of angles in radians. If theta is one angle, then you should perform 2D % rotation on the u and v data; assume that u = x and v = y. Your output % should be a matrix where the first row is x data and the second row is y % data. If theta is a vector, then create two bodies of rotation about the % x and z axis. Your output should be a cell array containg two cell % arrays, each of length three, that have the x, y, and z data from % rotating the given u and v data around the x and z axes, respectively. % Each cell array should be 1xN. % % A pretest has intentionally not been created for this ABC assignment. To % test this assignment, run it from the command line. You can use u = 0:10 % and v = u.^2. If you don't know what theta should be, consult your book % for examples. % % If theta is a scalar, do 2D rotation. if length(theta) == 1
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