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function rotLineCircle(u,v,num) %This function, rotLineCircle, takes in vectors of x and y data and %rotates them about the origin. The data should be rotated 360 degrees; %however, the data should be rotated in n equal steps where n is the %third input. The data should be plotted after each step such that the %end result is a plot that consists of the original data copied n times, %with each copy rotated at a different angle aound the origin. The %angle between all adjacent curves must be equal and the rotation should
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Unformatted text preview: %be performed around the origin in the xy plane (2-D rotation). The %scale used on the x and y axes should be equal to each other. All your %curves should be blue and solid. This function has no outputs, it only %produces a plot (and possibly some mild enjoyment). %usage: rotLineCircle(u,v,num); th = linspace(0,2.*pi,num+1); for x = th A = [cos(x) -sin(x); sin(x) cos(x)]; new = [u;v]; arr = A*new; vecx = arr(1,:); vecy = arr(2,:); plot(vecx,vecy); hold on; end axis equal; end...
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