tikTok - function tikTok(month,day,year,str) %Given a...

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function tikTok(month,day,year,str) %Given a string containing the time in the standard 24-hr format (ex. %13:32 or 02:30), and 3 doubles containing the month, day, and year (mm, %dd, yyyy), create a plot in MATLAB that resembles a circular clock with %the hour and minute hands set to the specified time, and the graph title %containing the date and time. There should also be hour markers on the %clock. To see a visual example, look at clock.jpg. % Specifics: %- The radius of the clock should be exactly 1 unit, like the unit circle %- The hour markers should correspond the correct locations on a normal % clock, where 12 o'clock is 90 degrees, and 6 o'clock is 270 degrees %- There should be a black circle at the center of the clock. (This % circle is a single point plotted using circles as points) %- The length of the hour markers will .1 units, coming from the edge of % edge of the clock %- The length of the hour hand should be .6 units long %- The length of the minute hand should be .9 units long
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tikTok - function tikTok(month,day,year,str) %Given a...

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