divImg - out4 = false; case 'lr' % Return the left and...

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function [out1 out2 out3 out4] = divImg(img,mode) f % Find the size [rows cols layers] = size(img); % Find halfway halfrows = round(rows/2); halfcols = round(cols/2); h switch mode %must use switch, because mode is a string that needs to be compared to %multiple cases case 'tb' % Return the top and bottom halves out1 = img(1:halfrows, :, :); %gets the out2 = img(halfrows+1:end, :, :); out3 = false;
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Unformatted text preview: out4 = false; case 'lr' % Return the left and right halves out1 = img(:, 1:halfcols, :); out2 = img(:, halfcols+1:end, :); out3 = false; out4 = false; case 'q' % Return all 4 quadrants out1 = img(1:halfrows, 1:halfcols, :); out2 = img(1:halfrows, halfcols+1:end, :); out3 = img(halfrows+1:end, 1:halfcols, :); out4 = img(halfrows+1:end, halfcols+1:end, :); end...
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