rotImage - function [matrix str] = rotImage(imarr,ang)...

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function [matrix str] = rotImage(imarr,ang) %Write a function called rotImage that takes in a matrix representing an %image and an angle in degrees by which the image should be rotated. %rotImage should then return an image matrix that represents the image %rotated by the specified number of degrees. %A positive angle represents a clockwise turn, while a negative angle %represents a counter-clockwise turn. If the input angle is not %evenly divisible by 90, then your function should return the string %'Error: the input angle must be a multiple of 90.' Keep in mind that %the angle may be more than 360 degrees. % Constraints: %You may not use fliplr, flipud, rot90, or imrotate for this problem - %and do not use error! % Hint: % Mod will prove useful. if mod(ang,90)==0 %determines whether the angle is divisible by 90 degrees [r c clr] = size(imarr); %gets the size dimensions of the image array red = imarr(:,:,1); %gets the first layer of the image green = imarr(:,:,2); %gets the second layer of the image
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rotImage - function [matrix str] = rotImage(imarr,ang)...

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