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extrapolate - %correspond to the given new x values...

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function newy = extrapolate(vecx,vecy,newx) %Given a vector of x values, a vector of corresponding y values and a %vector of new x values, write a function extrapolate that will fit a %polynomial through all the points described by the inputted x and y %values. extrapolate should use the highest degree that produces a %unique fit. extrapolate should return a vector of new y values which
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Unformatted text preview: %correspond to the given new x values evaluated at the computed %polynomial. order = length(vecx) - 1; %finds the order of the polynomial coeff = polyfit(vecx,vecy,order); %determines the coefficients of the best fit line newy = polyval(coeff,newx); %determines the new y values of the best fit line end...
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