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Unformatted text preview: ACTSC 231 - Fall 2009 - Written Assignment Due: Friday, Nov 13 by 1:00 pm You need to submit one Excel file that contains all your answers in the Drop Box on the UW-ACE web site. You can use a different sheet within your Excel file for each sub- question if you wish; name the sheet according to the sub-question(s) it refers to. When asked to provide an amortization schedule, this should include: time t , payment at time t , interest paid at time t , principal repaid at time t , outstanding balance at time t . If the question also asks for a specific answer, indicate your answer near the top of your sheet and highlight it so that is easy to see. Your sheet should be able to easily change information such as the interest rate, loan amount, number of payments, etc, and re-calculate the rest of the schedule automatically. You should actually round all amounts to the nearest cent (not just get Excel to display 2 decimals, use the ROUND(number, numdecimals) function with numdecimals = 2.) –...
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