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MIS315 Fall 2010 Homework Assignment 2 Due on the Second Test day Put your full name on the page footer (where page number is inserted usually). Keep the original questions and insert your answers with a different Font. Use the SpellCheck before the final submission. You will answer several discussion questions in Homework Assignment 2. Please type in your answer in a Word file and submit to the assignment drop box in MyCourses. Please attach a Word document to the assignment submission instead of copying and pasting all your answers to the box. In addition, please name the Word file as your name and assignment2 . Example will be yuzhuliAssignment2.doc. This assignment is due on the second Test day. The cutoff time is 11pm on that day. Late submission is subject to the late submission policy (Please refer to the syllabus for details). 1. Technology Guide 1 (TG1): Discussion Question 6, Page 348 What is the value of server farms, virtualization, and grid computing to any large organization? A server farm is a group of computers which divide the load of performing a particular task. Virtualization is software that allows a piece of hardware to run multiple operating system images at once. Grid computing is the action of sharing tasks of multiple computers . These all work together in any organization to distribute work loads and speed up processes, in any computerized task. 2. Technology Guide 2 (TG2): Discussion Question 1, Page 364 You are the CIO of your company and you have to develop an application of strategic importance to your firm. Do you buy an off-the-shelf application, develop an application in- house, or use open-source software? Support your answer by explaining the pros and cons of each choice. Being CIO I first off know there are many different types of software available for use. The option to buy can be beneficial but only if specific variables can be met. If the person selling the software allows me to modify it so I can be use it properly in my company then I will be more interested. The software wont necessarily meet my needs. Developing software ourselves can be tricky. We must first be sure we have enough resources available to develop proper solutions. Also its important your business has the internal skills to carry out the project. Open source software is becoming more increasingly used in place of proprietary software. Open-
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