Marketing in the new age - Onik Islam Marketing in the new...

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Onik Islam Marketing in the new age I always used to wonder how things were changing over time in a fast space but didn’t know why and how. Since I’ve started with my university I learned a lot about production and marketing. Then I realized marketing is a very powerful weapon to manipulate customer’s choices to buy a product or services. I’m going to explain how marketing works in different marketplaces. The graveyard of business is littered with companies that failed to recognize the need for continuous change. Not only a change to the product itself but also to understand the need for business to behave with social responsibility and consumers needs. Companies should try to attract today’s consumers with precise sustainability marketing to keep them for the future. When environmental and social messages are simply not enough, companies need to communicate actively with their customers to make them understand how they are reducing their environmental impact. With marketing instruments companies can make the customer believe that by buying a product they are not only satisfying their needs but also saving the environment and encouraging fair trade. Companies should understand the values of the customers that
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Marketing in the new age - Onik Islam Marketing in the new...

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