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C11-activities - ELECTRIC CIRCUITS ECSE-2010 Class 11 NEXT...

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1 ELECTRIC CIRCUITS ECSE-2010 Class 11 NEXT THREE CLASSES Today: Activity 11-1 Experiment #2 Report Due Review for Exam I Next Class: Activities 12-1, 12-2 HW4 Exam I, 7-9 pm, DCC 308 TODAY’S AGENDA Signals and Waveforms: Review for Exam I SIGNALS AND WAVEFORMS To Date, We Have Looked at Circuits with Only DC Inputs: DC Voltage Sources, DC Current Sources Independent and Dependent Sources DC Steady State (No Changes with Time) Have Developed Circuit Analysis Techniques for Resistive Circuits: DC Inputs Circuits Containing Independent Sources, Dependent Sources and Resistors SIGNALS AND WAVEFORMS Circuit Analysis Techniques: KCL and KVL Series/Parallel Resistors Voltage and Current Dividers Equivalent Resistance Source Conversion Node Voltage Analysis Mesh Current Analysis Thevenin/Norton Equivalent Circuits Linearity and Superposition
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2 SIGNALS AND WAVEFORMS Almost All Interesting Circuits Involve Inputs that Change with Time: The Rest of the Course is Focused on Finding the Output, y(t), Given the Input, x(t)
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