ALEKS - ALEKS In this course, you will have the option to...

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ALEKS In this course, you will have the option to use ALEKS, an online system designed to help you master Accounting concepts. Students have reported that they felt that ALEKS significantly increased their understanding of the principles that are being learned in Management 1B. ALEKS is used over the World Wide Web. Each of you will have a password-protected account in ALEKS. Since all records of your work are kept on the ALEKS servers, you can access your account from any computer connected to the Internet. In ALEKS, you will be guided in your learning based on regular assessments of your progress. At any given time during your use of ALEKS, you will be able to access a certain limited set of topics, based on your readiness. As you progress, new topics will continually become available to you. Registration with ALEKS. In order to register with ALEKS, you need a 10-character Course Code. Here is your Course Code: XGUUP-AXHQT You will also need an Access Code. An Access Code for ALEKS can be purchased from the following website: Click on the link in the lower right-hand corner, “Students, click here to purchase access,” under the McGraw-Hill/Irwin logo, under ALEKS for financial accounting. Enter the course code (above). Click on Continue. Click on Continue (again). Click on “purchase an access code online.” The cost is $66.75. Fill out the information. You will be able to use ALEKS for most of the topics covered for the first two midterms, with the exception of income taxes and investing concepts (not to be confused with the chapter on investing, which is covered in ALEKS. When you have the Course Code and the Access Code, go to the following website:
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ALEKS - ALEKS In this course, you will have the option to...

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