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AP BIO dna fingerprinting

AP BIO dna fingerprinting - 10 The positive end 11 Because...

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DNA Fingerprinting Activity 1. Restriction enzymes cut along the DNA codes and act as scissors 2. The code within the DNA and the code within the enzymes 3. No 4. It is a thick substance that serves as a molecular strainer 5. To wells in the agar solution 6. Electrophoresis involves a positive current that pulls the slightly negative DNA through a  tray of agar solution so that the bands can be measured based on their length and  intensity 7. Slightly negative    8.    The smaller ones move the furthest 9. The larger ones move the least
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Unformatted text preview: 10. The positive end 11 Because the gel is difficult to work with it is slippery and frail 12. They are pieces of DNA that have been radioactively labeled, they attach to certain sequences of codes on the nylon membrane 13. The radioactive nature of the probes exposes corresponding areas on the xray film 14. It shows corresponding areas from the probes 15. . 16. Honey is guilty, and we know because the DNA fingerprint matched. 17. She was denied tonight’s desert...
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