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ECE 613 Antennas and Propagation for Wireless Systems Fall 2010 Homework Set #3 Problem 1 A /2-long dipole antenna, with a total loss resistance of 1 , is directly connected to a generator whose internal impedance is 50+j25 . Assuming that the peak (open-circuit) voltage of the generator is 5 V and that the total impedance of the dipole antenna is 73 + j 42.5 , find the power: (a) supplied by the source (real power). (b) radiated by the antenna, P rad (c) dissipated by the antenna, P loss Problem 2 Perform the same calculations as in the previous problem except assume that there is a /4 long, lossless transmission line with characteristic impedance Z 0 = 50 between the source and the antenna ( hint : recall from transmission line theory that the 50- line will act as an impedance transformer).
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 3 An X-band (8.2 12.4 GHz) rectangular horn antenna has physical aperture A phy with dimensions of 5.5 cm (height) by 7.4 cm (width). Determine its effective aperture A eff (in cm 2 ) and its aperture efficiency e a at 8.2 GHz and 12.4 GHz if the directivity D is (a) 14.8 dB at 8.2 GHz (b) 18.0 dB at 12.4 GHz. Problem 4 A circularly polarized wave, traveling in the + z-direction, is received by an antenna whose transmitted far-field is elliptically polarized along the direction of the incoming wave. This latter transmitted field can be expressed in the following form E = ) , , ( ) 2 ( r f y j x Find the polarization loss factor in dB when the incident wave is (a) right-hand circularly polarized (RHCP), and (b) left-hand circularly polarized (LHCP)....
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