Key for exam III 07 - Examination III VPHY 3100 Elements of...

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Examination III VPHY 3100 Elements of Physiology April 2, 2007 1:25 - 2:15 p.m. Multiple Choice (2.5 points each) CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER 1. The characteristics of a hormone include: a . ductless transport b . blood-borne c . acts on target cells through receptors A. B. C. *all of the above. D. none of the above. 2. Which of the following organs contains both endocrine and exocrine tissues? A. *Pancreas. B. Liver. C. Hypothalamus. D. Adrenal gland. 3. A deficiency of dietary cholesterol would decrease the production of A. glucagon. B. atrial natriuretic hormone. C. oxytocin. D. *estrogen. 4. To induce full cellular effects thyroid hormones also require the actions of: A. adrenocorticotropin. B. melatonin. C. *retinioic acid. D. somatomedins. 5. Which one of the following statements is NOT correct? A. Steroid hormones interact with receptors that are transcription factors. B. Epinephrine can act through two second-messenger systems (cAMP and Ca 2+ ). C. *A chronically high hormone concentration often leads to an increased receptor number. D. Most hormones are secreted in discrete bursts. 6. Which one of the following statements is NOT a characteristics for ALL hormone-receptor interactions? A. Specificity. B. High affinity. C. Saturation (low capacity). D. *Gene expression. 1
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7. Second messengers generated by the actions of phospholipase C: A. are inhibited by the actions of caffeine. B. are stimulated by phosphodiesterases. C. *may activate calmodulin. D. stimulate gene transcription. 8. Insulin and many growth factors use : A. cyclic AMP as a second messenger. B. *tyrosine kinase as a second messenger. C. calcium as a second messenger. D. cyclic GMP as a second messenger. 9. Which of the followings CANNOT inhibit the activities of COX-1 and COX-2: A. *melatonin. B. aspirin. C. indomethacin. D. ibuprofen. 10. The only anterior pituitary hormone under the regulation of both hypothalamic releasing and inhibiting hormones is: A. adrenocorticotropic hormone. B.
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Key for exam III 07 - Examination III VPHY 3100 Elements of...

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