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Bkbd_Genetic Influences

Bkbd_Genetic Influences - 2 Behavior cannot be changed...

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Genetic Influences on Behavior I. Genes--Our biological blueprint A. Chromosomes --Threadlike structure made largely of DNA molecules (BOOKS) B. DNA --deoxyribonucleic acid (CHAPTERS) C. Genes --Small segments of DNA (WORDS) 1. Self-replicating units able to synthesize proteins D. Nucleotides --biochemical components (LETTERS) II. Evolutionary psychology A. Natural Selection among the range of inheritable trait variations, those contributing to reproduction and survival will most likely be passed on. Mutations --random errors in gene replication that lead to a change in the sequence of nucleotides. B. Misconceptions of Evolutionary Theory and Psychology 1. Genetic determinism Reply: a. Evolved adaptations and b. Environmental influences
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Misconceptions of Evolutionary Theory and Psychology Continued
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Behavior cannot be changed; Reply: Knowledge of adaptations and environmental influence encourage change, if desired; 3. Organisms can compute mathematical formulas Reply: Describing adaptations versus doing them are different. 4. Evolutionary psychology assumes the current collection of adaptive mechanisms are “optimally designed” Reply: a. Evolutionary time lags; b. Cost of adaptations 5. Evolutionary theory assumes we have a conscious or unconscious goal to maximize gene reproduction. Reply: a. Gene reproduction is a product of adapting to specific problems--to avoid predators, stay warm, find a mate, have sex, and help kin--not a motivation to maximize gene reproduction....
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