Bkbd_Sexuality and Prenatal Hormones

Bkbd_Sexuality and Prenatal Hormones - IV. Stress and the...

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Sexuality and Prenatal Hormones I. Implications--Why study this? A. Social 1. Alabama, 1999, Man beaten and burned to death 2. Wyoming, 2000, Man bludgeoned to death 3. Sinner? Civil rights? Abuse? Discrimination, etc. Free Choice? Biological? Both? II. Evidence A. Observation 1. Higher proportion of gay men in Germany born during WWII than either before or after Question: Is prenatal STRESS related to sexuality?
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III. Critical events in prenatal development A. Testosterone B. Estradiol ==> Men with enlarged preoptic areas, tend to prefer female sex partners
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Unformatted text preview: IV. Stress and the Brain A. Cortisol 1. Blocks synthesis of Testosterone V. Neurohormonal effects on sexuality A. Testosterone B. Genetic abnormalities 1. DHT 2. Lack of Testosterone receptor sites 3. CAH C. Pharmacology 1. LH: Leutenizing hormone 2. Hormone Therapies a. Progestins b. DES VI. Summary A. Human studies on stress during pregnancy B. Manipulation of hormones during development C. Inborn anomalies and brain differences D. Pharmacological effects...
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Bkbd_Sexuality and Prenatal Hormones - IV. Stress and the...

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