Course Schedule and Readings - UPDATED

Course Schedule and Readings - UPDATED - ASB 326: HUMAN...

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1 ASB 326: H UMAN I MPACTS ON A NCIENT E NVIRONMENTS F ALL 2009 2:00-3:15 MW MANZANITA HALL RM 1 I NSTRUCTOR : M ELISSA K RUSE -P EEPLES C OURSE S CHEDULE DATE TOPIC READING All readings except Redman and Dincauze textbooks are posted on Blackboard Part I: Background Monday, August 24 Course Introduction Wednesday, August 26 Human Responses to Environmental Change Redman Chapters 1-2 Dincauze Chapter 4 Denevan 1992 Monday, August 31 Conceptual Approaches to Past Human Ecosystems: ‘Good’ Reasons for ‘Bad’ Decisions Redman Chapter 3 Wednesday, September 2 Archeology Basics: Dating, Dincauze Chapter 5-6 Monday, September 7 LABOR DAY – NO CLASS Wednesday, September 9 Archeology Basics: Fieldwork, and Preservation and Intro to Climate Reconstruction Dincauze Chapter 7-8 Monday, September 14 Methods for Reconstructing Past Climates Dincauze Chapter 13-14 Wednesday, September 16 Methods for Reconstructing Past Populations Paine, Richard R. Demography. From Handbook Of Archaeological Methods, Vol. 2. Edited by Herbert D. G. Maschner and Christopher Chippindale. Pp.977-1001. Altamira Press. Delecout 1 st ARTICLE WRITE-UP DUE IN CLASS
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2 Part II: Animal Exploitation Monday, September 21 Intro: How did human exploit animal populations? How to archaeologists study this? Redman Chapter 4
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Course Schedule and Readings - UPDATED - ASB 326: HUMAN...

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