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Field Report Rattler Rock House - Rattler Rock House ASB...

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1 Rattler Rock House ASB 326 FALL 2009 – FIELD REPORT 30 points total, 15% of final grade Due in Class Wednesday, December 2 You have spent the summer with an interdisciplinary archaeological crew, surveying and excavating the “Rattler Rock House” area of in southwestern Colorado. The area is the future location of Casino, campground and other tourist facilities. Project researchers first surveyed the area and located a large 20 room masonry pueblo they called Rattler Rock House and seven small sites that were one room in size. The sites are culturally related to other Ancestral Puebloan sites in the region. Ceramic artifacts were collected from the surface of all of the small sites and 3 were selected to excavate. Excavations of the small sites included the entire 1 room structure and a 2 x 2 meter excavation unit in the midden to acquire archaeological dates, paleobotanical information, and a sample of artifacts. Excavations were also undertaken at the Rattler Rock House. Four of the 20 rooms were selected to excavate and a 2 x 2 meter unit was excavated in the midden of this site. A 5 x 1 meter trench was excavated in the marshy area near a small spring in the southern portion of the study area. The trench produced a few artifacts, but is most important because the sediments have been studied by the project geoarcheologist and a soil core was sampled for pollen and microcharcoal analysis by the project paleobotanist. The final day of fieldwork was a busy day of backfilling the excavation units at Rattler Rock House. The crew finally discovered how the pueblo got its name as dozens of rattlesnakes descended upon the site. Your quick wit and training in the 50 yard dash allowed you to escape to the car unscathed only to drive the rest of the crew to the hospital to be treated for their numerous snake bits. The project director, grimacing in pain, implored you to finish the report to Colorado SHPO (State Historic Preservation Office) that was due the next day. While this will be a challenge to do on your own, you are fortunate in that all preliminary analyses have been completed and you can write up the project findings on the basis of these compiled data. INSTRUCTIONS The report is strictly limited to 5 pages typed , double spaced in 11 or 12 point font. You may also submit a bibliography and/or graphs that are not counted in your 5 page limit but this is not a requirement. You can assume that all of the Tables and Figures provided in this packet are included in your report and you may reference them in your paper. You must include the following information in your report. 1.
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Field Report Rattler Rock House - Rattler Rock House ASB...

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