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Final exam review - Human Impacts on the Environment An...

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1 Human Impacts on the Environment: An Archaeological Perspective Review Sheet – Final Exam Fall 2009 This review sheet is a guide for the Final exam. The Final is not intended to be comprehensive and you will not be asked to recall specific information from the first half of the course. However, you may use archaeological examples covered in the first half of the course in your short answer and essay responses. You may also find it important to remember the methodologies and types of data used by archaeologists covered earlier in the course, such as zooarchaeology, pollen, artifacts, ice cores, etc. Potential Short Answer and Essay Questions: 1. What are some advantages and disadvantages of agriculture for human populations? For the environment? Provide specific archaeological examples in your answer. 2. What kind of effects do early agricultural societies have on contemporaneous hunter gathers? 3. How do archaeologists identify the type of agricultural economy practiced in the past? What types of evidence (artifacts, features, paleoenvironmental data) do archaeologists use? What kinds of archaeological and paleoecological data are used to demonstrate changes in agricultural intensity? Provide specific examples
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Final exam review - Human Impacts on the Environment An...

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