Lec. 25 Final Review

Lec. 25 Final Review - environmental collapse Intensive...

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Monday, Dec. 7 To Do List • Pick up old assignments (Field Report not graded yet) • Informal Course Evaluation • Review for Final • Reminders – Review Session: Wednesday, Dec. 9 from 2-3, Matthew’s Center – Final Exam: Monday, Dec. 14 from 12:10 – 2:00
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Case Studies
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Case Study Review Landscape is today is not in great condition During time of occupation enviro stable, not until population drop did erosion occur Over farming? No, seems that environment collapsed after population (social) collapse because Spanish conquest People no longer maintained terrace systems => erosion Case where social collapse =>
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Unformatted text preview: environmental collapse Intensive Maize (corn) farming, Use of extensive, carefully maintained terrace system, very productive Capital: Tzintzuntza n 30,000 +, founded in 1350 Large state level organizatio n that controlled numerous other villages and cities Large lake with surroundin g highlands, pine or pine/oak forest Volcanic Highlands Patzcuaro Basin, Michoaca n State in Mexico Ag villages 100 BC End of Tarascan State at European Conquest (1500s AD) Taras-cans Impacts?? Factors leading to transformation /collapse? Subsistence Settlement Natural Enviro. When/ Where Case Study...
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Lec. 25 Final Review - environmental collapse Intensive...

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