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Inventor Project 1 - 03Au09 (4)

Inventor Project 1 - 03Au09 (4) - view shown in the...

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Inventor Project #1 – Cap Nut The purpose of this initial project is to introduce the student to the use of Autodesk Inventor to create a solid model of a part and to generate manufacturing drawings to fully define the part. Inventor includes in its software a set of tutorials that lead the user through the steps necessary to design objects whether they are basically round or prismatic (have flat surfaces). The user will find these steps are reasonably straightforward and intuitive. The object to be created in this project is the simplified Cap Nut shown in the illustration below. Note that the interior of the bottom of the part is threaded as defined in the Section view. Assignment 1. Each student must create the solid model of the Cap Nut. 2. Create the basic 3-view (front, top, right side) drawing of the part that shows all dimensions. The drawing should also display the Section view and the Isometric
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Unformatted text preview: view shown in the illustration. 3. All dimensions should be shown to 3 decimal places. 4. Drawings should be A-size for printing on 8-1/2” x 11” paper (landscape format). 5. Only the single drawing is required to be submitted; no narrative report is needed. Tutorials Before beginning the assignment, go through the tutorials (Help -> Learning tools -> Tutorials) that enable the user to complete the first assignment. 1. The “Introduction” Tutorials provide instruction in the general interface with Inventor; i.e., file organization, interface through menus, icons, etc.; 2. The “Basics” tutorials include instructions on “Creating a Part” and “Preparing Final Drawings”. Go through these tutorials step by step before beginning the assignment. Additional instructions on creating assemblies are also provided as well as for other operations....
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Inventor Project 1 - 03Au09 (4) - view shown in the...

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