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ME366 Policy Regarding Attendance, Missed Exams, and Lab Projects Attendance Attendance is checked on most lecture days by passing a class roster around the room. Numerically, attendance will count as 5% of the course grade, but may also be used to make judgments on course grade in borderline cases. Missed Exams – don’t miss them. For cases involving death, illness and other factors outside the control of students, makeup tests can be given. If it is known in advance that a test will be missed, inform the instructor. If not known in advance, contact the instructor as soon as possible by email, phone or office visit. Availability of a makeup test is not guaranteed; decisions about makeup tests will be based on particular circumstances.
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Unformatted text preview: Simply forgetting a test or oversleeping will result in a grade of 0 for the test. Lab Projects Everyone is expected to submit individual reports for lab projects. Failure to either perform a project or submit a report will result in a 0 for the project. If no projects involving hands-on work are performed, a grade of F will be assigned for the course. Course Grading System 4 Tests and Final Exam 12.5% Homework Average 12.5% Lab Average 20% Attendance 5% Average = 0.125*(Test1 + Test2 + Test3 + Test4 + Final Exam + Homework Average) +0.20*(Lab Average) + 0.05*(Attendance) Average Course Grade >89.5 A 84.5 89.5 B+ 79.5 80.5 B 74.5 79.5 C+ 69.5 74.5 C 59.5 69.5 D <59.5 F...
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