Injection Mold - ME 366 Lab 2-Injection Molding Project...

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ME 366 Lab 2-Injection Molding Project Laboratory Performed – 3/6/08 Report Submitted – 3/13/08 Submitted by: Ben Cost
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Lab Objective The purpose of the lab was to create a plastic part from the injection molding setup provided in the lab. Injection molding is the process in which a polymer is heated to a highly plastic state. The heated polymer is then forced to flow under high pressure to a mold cavity where it solidifies. This lab gained knowledge and understanding about the basic features of the mold, which are plastic injection unit and the mold clamping unit. There were two common defects in this injection molding lab. The first defect was short shots, which occurs when the polymer melt has solidified before completely filling the cavity. The second defect, flashing, takes place when the polymer melt are forced into the parting surface between mold plates. This happens when the injection pressure is greater than the clamping pressure and causes the part to open slightly, thus allowing polymer melt to overflow the parting lines. Description of Tools The main tool used was the Industrial Plastics Center injection molding machine, which consists of the plastic injection unit and mold clamping unit. Procedure 1. First, the temperatures on the barrel and nozzle were set to the correct values, along with the air pressure. 2. The mold clamp was then released and a small amount of mold release was sprayed to both mold halves. 3.
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Injection Mold - ME 366 Lab 2-Injection Molding Project...

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