Comm 1010 Syllabus 2010 Fall

Comm 1010 Syllabus 2010 Fall - Comm 1010 Elements of...

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Comm 1010 Elements of Effective Communication Syllabus Technical Help: If you experience technical difficulties with your course site, contact the Help Desk at or at 801-957-5555. It helps to tell them what you read in the error message. About your Instructor: Name: Keenan Adcock Phone: (801) 473-5684 (for use only in emergencies, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM) Office: Online (TBA) Office Hours: Wednesdays 8-9 PM (subject to change) Email: Use the Mail function in your course site U.S. Postal Service address for submitting assignments by postal mail: 923 E 1520 N, American Fork, UT 84003 College Mail drop for hand delivery of assignments: TBA Benefits of COMM 1010 1. Skills: Communication skills contribute greatly to workplace productivity. Modern businesses want people trained in effective interpersonal, small group, and organizational communication skills. COMM 1010 is an applied class. You will not only read about how communication works; you will also participate in "real-world" assignments that give you the opportunity to apply communication concepts in your own life. 2. Jobs: "Are They Really Ready to Work?" [a 2006 study report by the The Conference Board, Inc., the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, Corporate Voices for Working Families, and the Society for Human Resource Management] identified four key skill areas for employees: o Oral and Written Communications o Professionalism/Work Ethic o Teamwork/Collaboration and o Critical Thinking/Problem/Solving 3. Personal Relationships: The skills you learn in this class can help you improve your personal relationships by improving your listening and conversational skills. What You Will Learn 1. Basic Communication Concepts: You'll learn o how meaning is formed; o effective ways to express your ideas politely yet firmly
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o to receive and give effective critique o to monitor and improve your nonverbal and verbal communication o to listen for various purposes o to manage conflicts constructively 2. Group Communication Skills: We'll explore strategies for making decisions in groups and conducting effective meetings. 3. Interviewing: You'll learn how to structure and conduct interviews. 4. Business Writing: You'll gain experience in writing standard business documents such as letters, memos, reports, and proposals. 5. Oral Presentations: You'll learn how to prepare and present an effective informative presentation accompanied by PowerPoint. Materials a. Required Workshop: Completion of the SLCC-sponsored orientation to the Vista platform that we use for Internet classes. b. Required Textbook: Adler & Elmhorst. (2010). Communicating at Work. New York: McGraw-Hill. ISBN 978-0-07-338517-4 c. DVD to accompany internet sections of COMM 1010: Elements of Effective Communication ( purchase at bookstore or view from web site). d.
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Comm 1010 Syllabus 2010 Fall - Comm 1010 Elements of...

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