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Monroe Paper - Paper about death and cemetary and trobriands

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1 Variation in Death “In this world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.” We all have to face death at some point; it is an inevitable part of life. But how people deal with death vary. Death is handled in different ways in different cultures. Some treat death with utmost respect, some fear it, and some celebrate the life of the deceased before it. Westwood Village Memorial Park, a cemetery in west Los Angeles, brings friends, family, and fans to mourn for the dead and celebrate their life. How Americans deal with death vary with the way the Trobrianders deal with Chief Uwelasi’s death. Rituals and customs, the way they show love and respect, and they way they mourn vary. Westwood Village Memorial Park is a small cemetery in west Los Angeles. Celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Dean Martin were laid to rest at this cemetery along with several other people. There are several gardens, benches, and fountains throughout the cemetery. There is a “Corridor of Memories” which is a corridor of marble wall crypts. There are several wall crypts, one stacked on top of another. There are all of the same size and evenly spaced out along the corridors. The marble is a pinkish white color and they all have name plaques on them. Each name plaque has the deceased person’s full name and the year they were born and the year they died. There are a few empty crypts, indicated by the lack of a name plaque. Each occupied crypt has a holder for flowers, and there were flowers in some of them. The cemetery also has an area for burial of the dead. It is a grassy area with a few trees and benches. Each grave is marked by a headstone for the deceased person. The headstones were flat and embedded into the ground. Headstones are like the name plaques on the crypts, they have the person’s name and the year they were born and the year they died.
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