Assignment Health Assessment 5 - Assignment Health...

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Assignment Health Assessment 5 Jennifer Zimmerman Assessment of a 24-year-old Caucasian female: Subjective: L.E. admits to having headaches. She states she may have a headache at least once a week. She denies having any symptoms of nausea or vomiting, that her headaches come on very quickly without any symptoms. She admits that her mother gets headaches a lot. L.E. admits to having a runny nose when she is out in the cold a lot. She states that her eyes become itchy and watery and she tends to sneeze a lot during these episodes. She also admits to having cold like symptoms at least three times during the winter season and at least once during the summer months which she contributes to being around an air conditioner. L.E. denies having frequent bloody noses. L.E. denies any complaints of having a sore throat or a sore tongue. She does admit to having a hoarse like voice when she has cold like symptoms. She denies smoking or using any inhaled irritants. She denies noticing any swollen glands or lumps in her neck. Denies having any
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Assignment Health Assessment 5 - Assignment Health...

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