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29-09-10 - requires a HUGE amount of activation energy and...

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Wednesday, September-29-10 - Why does diamond not turn into graphite o Thermodynamics vs kinetics Large activation energy Even though then diamond is less stable then graphite there is no transformation from diamond into graphite The atomic structures are completely different from each other because diamond has a chrysalis shape and all the carbons are the exact same in a very strong 3-d network where each carbon is connected to 4 other carbons Graphite has a 2-d structure where the carbon atoms are arranged in layers and when in those sheets and each carbon atom is connected to 3 adjacent carbons. If you want to transform one into the other because you cannot rearrange the atoms into the other, if you want to you have to dissociate all the atoms in diamonds, all of them and then it can transform into graphite. But this
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Unformatted text preview: requires a HUGE amount of activation energy and because it has a big activation energy it will have slow kinetics. • There is a huge spike in the graph of Energy that you must go through to convert something from diamond into graphite or vice versa, because the structures are so different. o Diamonds are meta stable in standards conditions because of this. o This huge activation energy o Diamond imitations Cubic zirconia Moissaniate SIC o Hess law : delta h ( products) – delta h (reactants) The reason why there is a negative in the first value is because it is decomposing its molecules to the elements, while it should be elements to molecules o Calorimetry: Heat capacity: energy needed to raise T of a given amount by 1 K...
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